Orbi setup with existing router

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Orbi setup with existing router

The Orbi Wifi system will cover your entire home with fast-streaming Wi-Fi. It also comes with a large number of devices to keep you covered. You may have noticed that Orbi Wifi systems include their own routers. But, are you wondering if it can connect to your existing router? The Orbi setup with existing router Wifi will connect to your existing router or to a modem. However, it must have one to work. The system comes with a new router or routers. However, it will only connect to the router/modem you have already set up. If you want to connect to a router that has Wifi, you must disable that device’s Wifi.

This may seem a bit confusing if technology is not your field of expertise. We will explain how the Orbi Wifi works and how it can be used with your wireless router.

Steps of Orbi Setup with an Existing Router

Orbi setup with existing router setup process is straightforward. It is easy to connect Netgear Orbi to your existing router.

Netgear Orbi Setup With Existing Router​
  • Simply connect the Orbi router to your existing router or modem, which you have been provided by your internet service provider.
  • Next, you will need to sync the units with the satellites and your Orbi router. This will create a Wi-Fi mesh and your home will be covered by it. You don’t have to create another SSID. All your devices will be connected to your home using the same SSID.
  • Each Orbi model comes with three bands. One is 2.4GHz and two are 5GHz. The creation of wireless backhaul will require one of these bands. This backhaul is your Wi-Fi link to the satellites via the router unit. It’s as easy as that!
  • Orbi routers work seamlessly with all internet service providers. You can connect your modem to your Orbi router if it is provided by your internet service provider. Keep in mind, however, that you
will need to switch the Wi-Fi on your modem/modem combo from your internet service provider and then connect your Orbi device.

How to find Orbi model?

  • Every orbi is unique, so it may be worth doing some research to determine the best way to get there.
  • After that, you can set the Orbi AP (Access Point Mode) Mode.
  • Look for the ADVANCED option in the Orbi menu. Next, select Advanced Setup and then Router/AP Mode.
  • NETGEAR is proud to have produced such a user-friendly device. Most consumers agree that setting up their Orbis with their modems or routers at home was easy and successful.

What's the point of an Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi if you already have an ISP Router.

  • We can help you understand why the Orbi system is considered a superior option to a standard ISP router.
  • Although your router technically manages a wireless network for your devices, you might not have realized how powerful they really are.
  • Nearly every device in your house has changed over the past decade and now relies on the internet for its functions. Routers have to work harder than ever, and they are still not up to the challenge.
  • An Orbi Mesh Wifi requires an ISP modem/router to connect to. However, don’t forget to disable the router’s internal Wifi if you use one.
  • There are many models available depending on your needs. However, there is a product selection page that can help you make a decision!

Tips for setting up Netgear Orbi with an existing router

Here are the main tips for setting up Netgear Orbi setup with existing router

Step 1: Unplug battery, then reconnect
If your modem has a backup battery, unplug it and replace it. Reconnect the modem. The included Ethernet cable allows you to connect your modem with the yellow Internet port of your Orbi router. Connect your Orbi router with a power source. If the power LED at the back of your Orbi router doesn’t light up, you can press the Power ON/OFF button.
Step 2: Wait until power is restored
Wait for the Orbi router’s ring LED light to turn solid white, then pulse white. To get the best WiFi coverage, place the Orbi satellite at the centre of your home. The Orbi satellite should be connected to a power source. If the Power LED at the satellite’s back does not turn on, push the Power On/Off switch.
Step 3: Connect with your devices
Use an Ethernet orWiFi connection to connect your mobile device or computer to the Orbi satellite or router. Note: To connect to WiFi, locate the preset WiFi network (SSID) on the label of the Orbi satellite or router and enter the password. Then connect from your WiFi-enabled mobile device or computer to the network.

Troubleshoot on Orbi setup with an existing router

  • Verify that your modem is connected to any device connected to the internet using the use of a hard-wired connection i.e. it should be connected using the aid with the Ethernet cable. If the network remains inaccessible even after connecting with the use of a hard-wired connection, it could be due to an outage in the internet service. In this situation, users should contact the internet service provider for an update on the issue. When the internet service is able to return the network will return to its normal state.
  • If the internet connection is accessible but the devices aren’t able to connect to the network, then it may be a problem regarding the setting of the Orbi router. In this instance, you can try power cycling the router using the power cord that powers it and reconnecting it after 30 minutes.
  • Try to reset the factory settings of your Orbi router.
  • Verify that the power switch on your orbi routers or access points is on.
  • Make sure the network adapter is enabled.
  • Try to power cycle your router as well as the computer. Simply turn off the router and computer after 20-30 seconds, before turning on both devices.
  • Make sure the password utilized to join the network is correct and in the format that is required for case sensitivity.

If you want more details about orbi setup with existing router, you can chat with our technical experts team.