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Can’t Orbi Router Reset To Factory Default Setting- [Solved]

If you are trying to access the orbi router login through and both but orbi login is not working properly then Orbi Factory Reset is the solution for you.

To solve the orbilogin problem, you are advised to type or through your connected browser and Default Reset Orbi Router. This reset process will help you run the orbi router system smoothly and finishing your tasks.

Orbi router reset factory default setting

Why do you need to Factory Reset Orbi Router?

Netgear Orbi router’s Wi-Fi system is one of the leading systems that come with incredible features. You can enjoy seamless internet connectivity all through your building with the Orbi Wi-Fi system. But at unfortunate times, Orbi router starts creating problems like unable to respond, dropping connections, unable to connect. At times like this, you should try to reset orbi router to check if still the issue persists.

Default Reset Orbi Router

If your wired or wireless connection is not working properly and you are unable to access and then, you need to factory reset your orbi system.

Steps to Reset Orbi System:

  • Check if your orbi device is connected to the active power socket

  • Press and hold the Reset Button with a paper clip or something similar until the power LED of the router device blinks Amber.

  • If you are resetting the satellite device, the ring LED will blink Amber. 

  • Your Orbi device is reset successfully.

How Orbi Factory Reset Works?

Performing Orbi Router Reset will wipe out all the personalized configuration settings such as Network SSID Name, Security Passphrase Key, Wi-Fi Settings, and Recovery Options. The reset process will unsync the orbi router from the satellite modem. You will need to do all the settings again and re-sync the device again from scratch for a smooth connection.

But, there are times when the issue is so complicated that you even can’t reset orbi router. Let’s check what can be the reasons and the respective solutions.

How Orbi Factory Reset Works stepsto fix orbi router reset orbilogin

Can't Reset Orbi Router

If you are using orbi Wi-Fi router and trying to reset the router because you are unable to access and and you can’t reset orbi router then the following steps may help you.

  • Try to press and hold the button for at least 20 seconds.

  • Check the LED light sequence until the LED turns amber and then begins to blink.

  • Turning LED light into solid amber means it is resetting.

  • Reset your router from the admin app.

Orbi Reset Not Working

When you are not able to access the orbi router login and tried resetting the orbi router and satellite but still the orbi reset not working then follow these steps.

  • Try accessing your router directly from the web browser using

  • Make sure your orbi router is connected to your ISP router

  • Make sure your computer is connected to the internet via ISP router

If the following steps are not helping you then you are advised to contact the technical team of Netgear.

Orbi Factory Reset Failed

Hard reset of orbi is also known as a factory reset in technical language. If you are trying to hard reset the orbi router and the process of orbi factory reset failed then you must check the following steps.

  • Push back the reset button on the router with a paper clip.

  • Keep holding it until the top LED turns Amber then let go.

  • Wait for the White LED to pulsate slowly.

  • If seeing dark pink or magenta LED on Orbi. Refer: Fix orbi purple light error.

  • Now login to using your web browser.

  • Walk through the setup wizard and follow the instructions.

You can call the professionals for any technical help at toll-free number.

Unable to Restore Orbi Default Settings

After resetting the orbi device, you need to restore the default settings. If you are not sure how to restore the settings or you are unable to restore orbi default settings then you are advised to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • With the help of an Ethernet cable, connect your orbi router to the modem 

  • Connect your computer/laptop to the orbi router with another Ethernet cable

  • Open you preferred browser and visit or webpage

  • You will land on orbi router’s main login page

  • Now, enter the default login credentials and sign-in 

  • Click on the new setup  button and follow the on-screen instructions carefully

  • These instructions will help you restore the orbi default settings again

Orbi Router Default Factory Setting

After resetting the orbi router, you need to pair it again with the satellite by setting up the orbi default factory settings. Let’s check the steps to set the system again.

  • Make sure that all units are powered on and locate the reset button

  • Press and hold the reset button until the power LED of the device blinks amber

  • Repeat this process on satellite device and wait for them to reboot

  • Now, the orbi system is ready to be configured with Orbi default factory settings

  • Default user name is “Admin” and the default password is “Password”

  • Default subnet mask is “”

    Follow the configuration process by using any of the web addresses or  and carefully set the default factory settings.

Set Network Privacy

If you are using the default settings then your network’s privacy may be at risk. You should change them to your personal username and passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your network system.

Orbi Factory Reset Not Working

If you have an orbi router and trying to factory reset but after the press and hold the button for several seconds – the system reboot but not reset. Then the following 30-30-30 process will guide you.

  • Power on the router and press the reset button with something sharp for 30 seconds

  • Unplug the power of the router while holding the pressed  reset button and keep holding it for 30 seconds

  • Turn on the power of the device while still holding the reset button down and hold for another 30 seconds

This process will work when Orbi Factory Reset Not Working and reset the router to its factory resetting.

Refer guide if you can’t access orbi login page. not working error.

Orbi Router Reset Error

You are suggested to follow these steps for Orbi Router Reset
  • Let’s do the process with reset button

  • Connect the router to an active power socket 

  • If you just rebooted it then wait for 1 minute for it to load

  • With pen or paper clip, press the reset button and hold for 10 seconds

  • Release the button when power light starts to blink 

  • Wait for the router to start up

  • Power light will become solid once the router is reset 

Still, you are experiencing Orbi Reset Error then 
  • Check the custom Wi-Fi SSID details

  • Also check the firmware updates defect

You are suggested to call the professionals if you are still experiencing the Orbi Reset Error.

Orbi Factory Reset Doesn't Work

If your orbi satellite router is not working as it should and keep dropping connection then you should first do a reset. Follow these steps.

  • Power on the device and press and hold the reset button with something sharp

  • Always press and hold it for more than 10 seconds

  • Check the slow pulsating white LED on the top

  • Now the router is ready to factory reset 

  • Login to and follow the important steps to the setup wizard

These steps will help you when Orbi Factory Reset Doesn’t Work.

Won't Factory Reset Orbi Rbr50

When your flawlessly working orbi Rbr50 stopped working and you checked its power cycle and LED light and the firmware update but still you won’t factory reset orbi Rbr50.

Steps to Follow when you Won’t Factory Reset Orbi Rbr50

  • First, do a backup configuration for keeping safe

  • Now, try tftp to recovery it through

  • Make sure you enable tftp

These were the simple steps to factory reset the orbi router and how to solve the issue if there is any orbi reset error and orbi factory reset not working

If you are still unable to access or then you are advised to take professional help from Netgear’s technical team.

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