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Fix Orbi Router Firmware Update Failed Error

To guarantee that your Orbi router or satellite is working appropriately, it is energetically suggested that you Orbi firmware update using orbilogin admin. Refreshing the Orbi router firmware will improve security and execution. We need Netgear Orbi router and satellites to consequently refresh their firmware. Either automatically or manually using orbi login admin page.

In any case, once in a while your Orbi router and satellite may not upgrade their firmware automatically or manually. Orbi firmware fails or gets corrupted and that creates trouble in accessing orbilogin.net or orbilogin.com admin setup panel.

Automatic Orbi router firmware update failed or not working

Normally this issue is caused due to interrupting or lagging WiFi connection. Here, we are providing you instructions to troubleshoot Orbi firmware update failed or not working error.

Common Orbi Firmware Update Issues

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First of all you must follow accurate steps to update the Orbi device’s firmware, So below we have given instructions for updating the firmware without missing any step. Please follow the below instructions carefully to update the firmware without raising any error or any issue.

Orbi Firmware Update - Automatic or Manual via orbilogin.net

Firmware update can resolve all the issues like can’t login, not working, wrong password or forget password. It can also fix some of the bugs and errors. And hence orbi firmware update can resolve almost all the issues of the orbi devices. Updating the firmware can be done via mobile app or via web address orbilogin.net accessing on web browser of the connected PC.

Here we are going to discuss the method of updating the firmware via orbilogin.net.     

steps to update orbi router firmware

  • To do so, visit the official Orbi website and download the latest firmware version for your Orbi router and Orbi satellite. You can use the Orbi device model number and model name to search for firmware.

  • Just start typing the model number in the search bar and you will see relevant search results when finished.

  • Download the firmware file from the computer.

  • Connect this computer to the Orbi router network and visit orbilogin.net in your Internet browser.

  • Enter your Orbi username and password, then go to the Orbi login page.

  • Note: If you have a problem such as orbilogin.net not working or you cannot access orbilogin.net, please call our experts at 1-877-323-1333 or visit our website for troubleshooting instructions.

  • On the orbilogin.net configuration page, go to Administration and click Firmware Update.

  • Choose between router and satellite and click update firmware.

  • Select the downloaded file according to your drive and click on the Update button.

Therefore, you can update the Orbi firmware on the Orbi authentication page, which is orbilogin.net. but in case if your Orbi firmware update failed!! or you got some error for Orbi update then read the below section guidelines to resolve such issues.

How to update the firmware via Orbi App?

If you have an issue that Orbi firmware update failed!! Or Orbi update error!! Or Orbi firmware update not working!! Or you can’t upgrade Orbi firmware even after using the above section, or your orbi firmware update gets stuck and you don’t know what to do for this, orbi automatic firmware update stopped, Then try to update the firmware manually can resolve your issue. As, updating the firmware via orbi app requires internet connectivity, and any mobile device can be used, that is, Android or Apple device. First of all you are required to download and install the Orbi App for your mobile device.

Here are the instructions for firmware update via orbi app. Follow the below instructions for firmware updating:-

  1. Connect your mobile device to your Orbi router’s Wi-Fi network.

  2. Launch the Orbi app on your mobile device.

  3. Enter your router’s admin password and tap SIGN IN button.

  4. It will navigate you to the dashboard of the ORbi setup.

  5. In the top-left corner, tap on the Menu icon.

  6. Select Settings > Router Settings.

  7. Scroll down and tap on the Check for Updates option. If you see Update Firmware button, then tap on this button to upgrade the firmware version on your router.

  8. Follow the onscreen instructions to start the updating process.

  9. It will take some time to download and upgrade. Wait for some while until it gets updated. Note that do not disturb or interrupt the Firmware update process as it can ruin your Orbi device. 

  10. To enable automatic orbi firmware update, you are required to tick the auto update option from the settings of the Application. It will enable the auto update process. And hence you have no need to worry about firmware updates. Whenever a new release comes in the market it will show you a message by clicking which it will auto update the firmware.

How to update the Orbi’s Firmware Manually?

To manually update the firmware on your Orbi router and satellite, follow these Quick steps:

  1. Download the firmware for both your Orbi router and satellite from the official; site using the model name and number.

  2. Update the firmware on your Orbi satellite.

  3. Update the firmware on your Orbi router.

To download the firmware for your Orbi router and satellite:

1. Download the firmware of the Orbi satellite from the NETGEAR download center, save it to the desktop, and unzip the file if necessary.

2. Using an Ethernet cable connect your computer to the Orbi router.

3. Open any web browser on the computer.

Note: Do not use a computer connected wirelessly to the router to load the firmware. Updating the wireless firmware may damage the firmware of the router and make it unusable.

3. Type the default web address www.orbilogin.com on the URL of the web browser.

4. Enter your username and password of your Orbi device on the required fields.

Note: The user name is admin. Enter the password you created during the initial setup. The user name and password are uppercase and lowercase respectively.

5. Click Advanced>Admin>Firmware Update.

6. Click on the Manual Update option to start the manual update process. It will shows the firmware update page on the screen.

Note: We recommend that you always update the firmware on the blind satellite before updating the router. Do not update the firmware on Orbi and satellite routers at the same time.

To update the firmware on your Orbi satellite, do the following steps:

1. After doing all the above steps you are required to select one option from the two Satellites and router, then Select the check box next to the satellite model name. To start the firmware update process for  the satellite.

2. After that, Click on the Update button. It will opens the Orbi Firmware Update window 

3. If the browser prompts for administrator password, enter the same password that you use for your Orbi router.

4. Click on Browse, and select the .img or .chk file on the desktop that you have downloaded for firmware update. Be careful not to select the wrong file.

5. Click the UPLOAD button to upload the firmware file.

6. The process takes some time to finish the update process. Note do not interrupt the firmware updating process.

6. Once the Orbi satellite is updated, select Status and check the firmware version on the status page. Orbi satellite firmware is the latest. And hence you have successfully updated your Orbi satellite.

To update the firmware on your Orbi router, do the following:

  1. Return to http://orbilogin.com.
    The BASIC Home page displays.

  2. Go back to the Firmware Update page:

  1. Select ADVANCED > Administration > Firmware Update.

  2. Click on the Manual Update tab.

  3. Click the Browse button, then select the file that ends in .img on your desktop.
    Be careful not to select the wrong file.

  4. Click the UPLOAD button to upload the firmware file.
    It takes some time to finish the process. Do not disturb the updating process. 

  5. After completing the update process the page adjusts.

  6. Click the YES button to continue.

  7. After the Orbi router finishes updating, double check the firmware version in the upper-right corner. The firmware on your Orbi router is updated. And hence you have successfully updated the Orbi Router’s Firmware.

How to fix Orbi firmware update failed error?

If you are facing an issue like: Orbi firmware update not working even after manual update or Orbi firmware manual update not working, or can’t update Orbi firmware, then you can perform the following troubleshooting steps:

Restart all devices

The Orbi device and the devices connected to the Orbi network. If the orbi firmware update fails, stop the entire process and restart the Orbi device. Turn off the Orbi device. And also restart the connected devices.  Also disconnect the power supply. Wait a few seconds. Plug in the power cord and turn on the Orbi router. Perform once more Orbi firmware update. But if orbi firmware upgrade takes forever time to update then go for the next step.

Check your internet connection

If the Orbi firmware update lasts forever, it may be the result of slow and no internet. You need to check if the internet is working properly. Connect your computer directly to the modem, open a browser and start browsing. Resolve this issue and then try again to update the firmware. If it is not resolved then please contact your ISP ( internet service Provider).

But in case if you have done all the above instructions and you still have the issue Orbi firmware update gets corrupted or stuck, and you don’t know what to do?? then just reset your orbi device.

Reset your Orbi device

Orbi update errors can be resolved after a quick reset. Refer guide to factory reset Orbi router. Reset your Orbi device to its default settings, then go to orbilogin.net and update your Orbi’s firmware now.

Hopefully, this guide will help you out to successfully update the firmware on your Orbi devices. And you can easily update your blind router with this guide. But in case, if you have further questions, you can contact us at 1-877-323-1333 or can live chat with our Experts. We are 24/7 available to help you out.

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